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TrustHub verification allows sellers to prove their trustworthiness and allow them to sell their car quicker, for more money and with less stress. When your vehicle is verified you earn the TrustHub seal of approval that is automatically displayed on your ad. Buyers can immediately see which vehicle they would rather buy above all others.
No, car history checks are good but they only tell you half the story – it doesn't check the identity of the vehicle or its owner for example. TrustHub allows potential buyers to get a car history check safe in the knowledge that they're checking the right car!
Firstly, your vehicle must also be registered in your name and the name on your valid credit/debit card,
you must also have a current MOT. You will need two photos – one of your Chassis Number and one of the front of your V5C.
The easiest way is to take photos of your documents with your smartphone. We prefer that you take photographs but we will accept a scan of your V5C. All photographs are read by a computer so we need them to be the best you can manage or they may be rejected. You can either take the photo directly on your smart-phone or take them beforehand and upload them when you go through the verification process.
Try to nearly fill your camera screen with the document you're submitting but without cutting any of the edges off.
Make sure there isn't any blur or shine obscuring the details.
Make sure there is enough light to make them readable – if you have to use your flash then angle your camera so that the reflection doesn't obscure any text.
Another name for a chassis number is a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). It is a unique number assigned to your vehicle when it is manufactured. It normally contains a mix of 17 numbers and letters.
You will generally find this on the bottom right-hand side of your windscreen as you look at your car from the outside. If it is not there then it is often on the driver-side door sill or on the bulkhead between the engine and the passenger compartment. If you still can't find it, consult your vehicle handbook for the location. A photograph of the Chassis Number on your V5C will not suffice.
Sometimes parking tickets or other objects slip down and cover the Chassis Number. You may be able to reach yourself or use a pen to move it. You could also try a vacuum cleaner or blow on it to get rid of it.
The V5C is the document that states who is the registered keeper of the car. The V5C contains the name and address of the registered keeper as well as the car's specifications.
TrustHub will verify your commercial light vehicle.
TrustHub will verify your motorcycle if you submit a photo of your Chassis Number and V5C.
Unfortunately, we cannot verify your car until you get a new V5C issued.
Your MOT must be up to date for the current month to get TrustHub verification.
We will contact you with the actions needed to pass the verification process if we think there has been a mistake. Common reasons for rejection include poor quality photos, incorrect details or an invalid credit card. If we think it was a mistake we will allow you one more chance to be verified.
We will generally not charge you or else refund you if you ask us to. However, you pay us to put your car through the process and there is a real cost to us for that. We reserve the right to refuse refunds where we feel there has been a fraudulent attempt at verification.
We have a complex process to verify your car that only we know. If we tell people why their car was rejected then our competitors may be able to work out how we do it
We use it exclusively in the verification process to ensure that you are the owner of the vehicle you're verifying. All your information is encrypted from the moment you enter it until it is deleted by us (or at your request) in accordance with our data protection and privacy policies available at the links on the website.
We run a number of checks in the background on you and your car. Checking your address is an important part of that process. We do not run credit history checks or any other financial information checks on you or your address.


When a vehicle has been verified by TrustHub it means that you can be confident that the vehicle's registered keeper and the person who was verified is the same person. We have also checked the current status of the vehicle's tax and MOT – faked records for these are common scams. This makes it much easier to save time by narrowing your choice and concentrating just on vehicles worth viewing. However, nothing is for sure and we still recommend vigilance when meeting people and examining vehicles for defects.
We don't do vehicle inspections – we would always recommend bringing a qualified mechanic with you when viewing a vehicle.
No, we would always recommend buyers to get a car history check. Sometimes, unscrupulous sellers alter the identity of vehicles for their own profit. Car history checks are easily fooled by these tricks and you end up checking another vehicle entirely. TrustHub can prevent that happening.
Stolen cars almost always belong to the previous owner. If and when the car you bought is found to be stolen the police will remove it and return it to the previous owner – often an insurance company. You lose the car you bought and the money you paid for it. The criminal who sold it to you is rarely found by that point.

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